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A note about the 2018 Tinicum Township Calendar sent to all township residents:

Photo credit: Rebecca Brumble, TTHS Member (Not actual photo from calendar)

“I just wanted to let everyone know that an error crept into the township calendar for February 2018. The picture shown is not of Tinicum. The side wheeler sailing ship on the far-right dates this to the early to mid-1800s. By 1850, Tinicum only had a population of 176 with 26 houses and 11 farms. This was also during the time that the Lazaretto was open as a quarantine station. The reason Philadelphia picked Tinicum as a place to build the quarantine station was that it was sparsely populated. This picture depicts an active dock area for a much larger population center like Philadelphia or Chester. It could also be just a pretty scene depicting a generic dock of an active city.”
Bill Moller,
President Tinicum Township Historical Society


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Want a more indepth history?  Read our publication The History of Tinicum Township. (Link opens in a new window)