Collection Groups

Our complete collections are available for viewing during TTHS meetings, TTHS events and by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call or email with requested dates and times.
At this time TTHS does not maintain genealogical records. We have a small collection of deeds and land grants available.


Click on the links to see items that are available online.

New Acquisitions  (recently acquired items)

Artifacts                 (physical items like a brick or a button)

Books                     (books or small pamphlets)

Clothing                 (pieces of clothing like a hat or jacket)

Manuscripts          (paper items like letters or deeds)

Maps                      (maps)

Movies                   (movies on any kind of media like 8mm film, DVD, VHS tape)

Paintings               (physical paintings like water color, oil or acrylic)

Photos                   (actual photos)

Postal                    (anything from the mail like post cards or letters)

Prints                     (anything that is a picture but not an actual photo)